Single Action State Titles - Showdown!

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September 14-15 2019 at SSAA T03 Mitchell Range

Results:  TBA

Thanks to all the cowboys for participating especially those who travelled  Well done Ray, Ron , Simon & Aileen, Wayne and Nikki, Steve, Sebastian Ginger and Matt and the rest of the gang.


New facilities were appreciated


Combined Saturday posses

Sunday's posses


There was some excellent competition over the two days with all junior shooters being particularly impressive


With all the organising and cooking behing him, Rawhide Ray was ready for action.


Cow girls and boys of all ages.


Nikki and Aileen once again did a fantastic job preparing and serving vittles from the chuck wagon.







SSAA Tas Inc State President, Andrew Judd, dropped by to make presentations of State medals.



No! You can't be a cowgirl!

The juniors were particularly impressive





Roll Up! Raffle time.


It's a hard life being a cowboy!


We did him proud!



















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