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Glenorchy Ranges - Mitchell Complex (Mainly handgun)

Classic and Action     (1st and 3rd Saturdays 10.00 am)  

                          Classic and Action matches are the perfect way for anyone to start competitive pistol shooting

Both disciplines are shot over 25m with revolvers or semi-auto in rimfire and centrefire caregories. Classic has five sighting rounds followed by three strings of 10 rounds, each having a 10 minute time allocation. Targets, pictured, are scored and patched in between each string. Action is a 30 round match with 2 strings of 5 rounds each shot in 20 seconds followed by 2 strings of 5 rounds each shot in 15 seconds and finally 2 strings of 5 rounds each shot in 10 seconds.

IPSC (Practical) (2nd Saturday 10.00 am)

                     IPSC - Speed, accuracy, power and movement.

For more information, visit the IPSC Australia website.

Western Action or Single Action Shooting (SAS) (2nd and 4th Saturdays 10.00 am)

       Western Action - using pistol, rifle and shotgun. A re-enactment of a bygone era.

Single Action Shooting (SAS) is sometimes referred to as concept shooting competition. Having evolved more than 25 years ago in the USA, SAS has grown into one of, if not the, fastest growing shooting competition in the world today. SASA Single Action Shooting - Australia is affiliated with the world governing body SASS - Single Action Shooting Society.
Single Action Poster

Steel Challenge (Practical) (1st and 2nd Saturday 12.00 noon)

Rapid Fire (1st Saturday at Noon)

A rimfire event, one hand only, firing two strings of five rounds at each of 8,6 and 4 seconds.



Introduction, Coaching and Practice (Best to come on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 10.00 am until Noon)

              On the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month Range B is open for coaching and practice making
             this a perfect time to come and introduce yourself.


  T03 is an inclusive club catering for juniors and ladies and gents of all ages.
                                                        There is a wide range of disciplines that should cater for everyone.


Glenorchy Ranges - AIF Range

                                                                       The AIF Range looks spectacular at night.

Rimfire Silhouette (Every Tuesday from 6.30 pm)

Rifle Metallic Silhouette (RMS) is a sport in which rifles are used to knock down metal targets at a variety of distances.

Silhouette Poster

                                                    Silhouette on the right side of the range

Air Rifle Silhouette (Every Tuesday from 6.30 pm)

Same as RMS above but with smaller metallic targets and using air rifles

Rimfire Field Rifle (2nd and 3rd Thursday from 6.30 pm)

Field Rifle is a match designed around the most commonly utilised hunting positions simulated under rifle range conditions.

Rimfire 3 Positional (2nd and 3rd Thursday from 6.30 pm)

                                                                                    Prone position

 3-Positional is a precision match which is a bit more target orientated than Field Rifle and more testing of the shooter’s ability.

Field Rifle and 3P Poster

Rimfire Benchrest (2nd and 4th Tuesday from 9.30 am)

     Rimfire Benchrest - A comfortable and leisurely discipline requiring accuracy over 50m and 15 minutes per 30 shot target

310 Cadet / Military Training (2nd and 5th Saturday)


More information coming

The following centrefire disciplines are held, courtesy of the Blue Hills Sporting Shooters Club (Copping) - web
For more information contact Denis Bergman 62 723276

Centrefire Field Rifle or 3P

Field Rifle and 3P Poster

Centrefire Sihouette

Silhouette Poster

Centrefire Military Rifle

Junior and Development Days

Juniors represent the State at National Titles and are well supported by their parents.