So You Want To Shoot at SSAA T03?

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To shoot long term at T03 you will need:

1. Club Membership. Join SSAA online at and make sure you nominate Glenorchy as your preferred branch. Being a member of the branch means you are also a member of the club. Application forms are also available.

2. Firearms Licence with appropriate categories (See Firearms Services website)

Obtaining a licence can be a lengthy process so while you wait for your Firearms Licence to be processed you can still shoot with club guns using an Exemption. A Minor's Permit is required if you are under 18.

While the following information and links should be helpful you should visit one of the ranges on a rostered meeting to talk with someone to help guide you through the process. Wednesday evenings after 7pm at the AIF Range or the 1st or 3rd Saturday after 10am at the Mitchell Range are preferred times. New Members Packs are available from both ranges.

Non T03 SSAA members can transfer to T03 via the National website or a Transfer Form and are reminded that they must join the SSAA T03 Handgun Division in order to have a Handgun PTA signed by a club official.

Please see below for more detailed information.


     If you are under 18

Minorís Permit application - People under the age of 18 years cannot apply for a full firearms licence, however special Minorís Permits are available. Minorís Permits authorise persons under the age of 18 years to possess or use a specific firearm under the supervision of a licence holder or person approved to supervise the use of firearms for receiving instruction in the safe use of firearms or target shooting on an approved range. Minors under the age of 16 years may only undertake instruction on an approved range.

Minor's Permit application forms are available from the Club or:

1. Firearms Services. Website

Tasmania Police
GPO Box 308

Phone: (03) 61 732720     



 If you are 18 or older


Visit the Tasmania Police, Firearms site and read about Licence Categories and Genuine Reasons for obtaining a licence.

Notice that one genuine reason for firearm ownership is Sport or Target Shooting. You must be a current member of an approved shooting organisation, such as SSAA T03, that conducts competitions or activities involving the type of firearms you wish to own. Evidence of current club membership is required with your licence application.

Officials of T03 will not endorse a Permit to Acquire Form for the purchase of a handgun, after the 6 month probation period, unless the applicant is a member of the T03 Handgun Division.

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                         SSAA T03 Glenorchy Branch - Membership and Firearms Licensing Procedures.

Below is a section from the Membership Information Form. Copies are also available with New Member Packs at both ranges.

SSAA members who want to transfer to T03 should use the SSAA Branch Transfer Form

Step                             Procedure                                            
  (For Longarm and Handgun) Timeline  
1 Exemption or Minor's Permit (<18)   Exemption lasts 6 months - no renewal        
  Exemption Form or Minor's Permit required in order to shoot without a licence. Minor's Permit could take longer. Lasts until 18 years of age.                    
2 SSAA and T03 Membership Application                  
  SSAA Membership Form or                        
Nominate T03 Glenorchy as the SSAA Branch 
      4 - 5 months                
3 Firearms Licence (Cat. A,B,H Reason 1)                          
  Includes the Safety Course. You will need to provide your T03 membership letter and an Approval for the Exchange of Information Form to Service Tasmania with an application.                      
  (For Longarm only)                          
4 Permit to Acquire (PTA) - Longarm                      
  No club endorsement required.                          
  (For Handgun only)                                    
5 Firearms Licence Probation Period                                       
  Licence must have Category H               6 months        
6 SSAA T03 Handgun Division Membership           3 Supervised shoots. At least 1 in the 3 month period prior to submitting your first PTA - Handgun    
   An Assessment Sheet available at the MR is              
& Submitted to the committee for ratification of membership together with (7) PTA - Handgun
7 First T03 Permit to Acquire (PTA) - Handgun                          
  Submitted to the committee for endorsement together with an Assessment Sheet and $10.                          
8 T03 Handgun Division Membership Card                          
  Issued  to obtain subsequent PTAs only after first Certificate of Registration is sighted.                    Month                      
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

                       For further information please contact the club:  or mob. 0412 299 209