Sporting Shooters Association of Australia T03 Glenorchy - Safe and Inclusive
G.P.O. Box 1366 Hobart Tasmania 7001       Secretary:  mob.  0412 299 209      
Updated: 11/11/2019

 New members welcome! - Juniors, ladies and gents young and not so young 
Wide range of disciplines to suit most physical abilities

                                                       Joining - in Brief
                     Please visit the Join Us link for more detailed information.

To shoot long term at T03 you will need:

1. Club Membership. Join SSAA online at or use an application form and make sure you nominate Glenorchy as your preferred branch. Being a member of the branch means you are automatically a member of the club.

2. Firearms Licence with appropriate categories (See Firearms Services website)

Obtaining a licence can be a lengthy process so while you wait for your Firearms Licence to be processed you can still shoot with club guns using an Exemption. A Minor's Permit is required if you are under 18.

We recommend that you visit one of the ranges on a rostered meeting to talk with someone to help guide you through the process. Wednesday evenings after 7pm at the AIF Range or the 1st or 3rd Saturday after 10am at the Mitchell Range are preferred times. New Members Packs are available from both ranges.

Non T03 SSAA members can transfer to T03 via the National website or a Transfer Form and are reminded that they, like all members, must also join the SSAA T03 Handgun Division in order to have a Permit to Acquire a Handgun signed by a club official.

On presentation of the receipt to a committee member, juniors can claim reimbursement for their first year SSAA membership fee.


                                           Latest News:



* 44th  edition of Bull Barrel out now - September 2019.
 Note: There is an error in this edition of the BB. The 2019 Rimfire Field Rifle and 3 Positional Titles on 23rd November are being held at AIF Range Glenorchy and not Blue Hills.

* Police storage inspection checklist

                         Current Calendar and Roster
* 2019 Calendar  (Jul-Dec)  2019 Roster (Jul-Dec)      

                 Changes to the Current Calendar or Roster

WOW - What's On Wednesday? Find out what is on offer at the Mitchell Range on a Wednesday. view
* 2019 Supplementary Calendar
                                     Events - AIF Range: 

* 23rd November 2019 Rimfire Field Rifle and 3 Positional Titles

                                    Events - Mitchell Range:  
* No jacketed ammo permitted.
   State and National Titles/Competitions hosted by T03 Glenorchy:

* 23rd November 2019 Rimfire Field Rifle and 3 Positional Titles


Events - Blue Hills and other clubs

* 24th November 2019 Centrefire Field Rifle and 3 Positional Titles

(Please confirm all details with the relevant club)