2016 Xmas Party and Presentation Day

Back to Album Index           Thanks to everyone who made it such an enjoyable day



A suptuous lunch as usual



Wonderful weather for presentations




AIF awardees first to the line












MR awardees turn








                                                                                     Big day for Rotten Ronnie - well done













                                                                                        State President Andrew Judd gave an update on the year's events.

Thanks again to the Bennetts for oganising the raffle and to everyone who donated prizes.

                                                                                             Roz won first pick of the table.

                                                               Ray won himself a new chainsaw courtesy of Roberts Don Mac.


Rotten Ronnie kindly donated a safe as a mystery prize. If you need a new safe - see Ron.

                                              I f anyone would like a bigger version of any of these pictures please email and quote the picture number

                  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year