2019 Xmas Party and Presentation Day

Back to Album Index           Thanks to everyone who made it such an enjoyable day


A suptuous lunch as usual


  Unfortunately forcast rain didn't stay away.


AIF Range awards first

FR and 3P continue to be well patronised.







Firing line will soon be extended with permanent benches and posts - Thanks Shane and crew.



International Rimfire Benchrest has proven to be a popular addition to Thursday nights,



Rain forced proceedings inside.

Tuesday benchrest continues to be well-supported,




Centrfire rifle award stayed in the family.


Mitchell Range awardees take centre stage.









                         'Onya Dad!       



Still competition between the boys in Classic and Action with some excellent scores.





Yes, we can see you!








2019 Service award recipients were:

Paul Hunniford

Shaun Robinson

Shane Bowden

Lindsay Story


Thanks for your fantastic service to the club and congratulations to all awardees!       Many thanks and congratulations to Shane and Colin who were 2018 Service Award recipients.

Special thanks to Phyllis and Glen for taking over the raffle from Tony and Jodi. Apologies to Phyllis for not taking more raffle pics.  Thanks also to all those people who donated to the raffle especially Tom at Rod & Range for his donations and ongoing discounts for club members.                               


 See you next year.

                                              I f anyone would like a bigger version of any of these pictures please email and quote the picture number

                  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year