2020 Xmas Party and Presentation Day

Back to Album Index           Thanks to everyone who made it such an enjoyable day


A suptuous lunch as usual and raffle tickets to be bought.




The new benches proved to be excellent dining tables.


 Despite loosing two months of competition, it was decided to maintain the "Best of 6 shoots" criteria which meant fewer shooters qualified for an award.

AIF Range awards.

Benchrest continues to grow in popularity while FR and 3P numbers are returning slowly.













Handgun competition was hot again this year with near perfect scores in sight.














2020 Service award recipients were:

Dan Fell

Fraser Jackson

Brian Schmidt

Pat Davis


Thanks for your fantastic service to the club and congratulations to all awardees! 

  Dan receives his Service Award

Inside for the raffle.

Thanks to Tom and Rod & Range for the generous donations to raffle. T03 members receive a 10% discount at Rod & Range so please return the support.



Nick bagged the ham while the unlucky rest waited for their numbers to come up.


        Special thanks to all the caterers, those who brought desserts and raffle prizes and Phyllis for running the raffle.                                

        See you next year.
                                             I f anyone would like a bigger version of any of these pictures please email

                  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year